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TRWA’s technical assistance program, funded through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s Financial, Managerial, and Technical Assistance Contract, provides financial, managerial and technical assistance to water and wastewater systems on varying assistance needs to aid in system viability. A sampling of some of the assistance provided includes consolidation, funding sources, reporting, compliance, meeting disinfection by product requirements, assistance with public notices, lead and copper monitoring, a monitoring plan, operation and maintenance manuals, board and staff training, and staying current on rules and regulations.

A list of the assistance topics listed below:


1) Funding Information and Sources

3) DWSRF or Other Funding Application Assistance

2) Business Plans



4) 75-90% & 85% Rules

17) Operating Reports

5) Consultant Evaluation

18) Receivership/Temporary Management

6) Regulatory Guidance

19) WSC Formation

7) Restructuring

20) Record Keeping

8) Meter Installation Plan

21) Audit Findings

9) Employee Policy Manual

22) Drought Contingency Plan

10) Meeting Requirements

23) Consumer Confidence Reports

11) Meeting with HOA, POA, or WSC Members

24) Staff and Board Training

12) Cross Connection Control Program

25) Bylaws Development and Implementation

13) Customer Complaint Issues

26) Water Conservation Plan

14) Customer Service Agreements

27) Capital Improvement Plan

15) Customer Service and Relations

28) Emergency Planning

16) Homeowners Association Formation



29) Certified Operator

48) Water Contracts

30) Flushing

49) Well Production Tracking Method

31) General Rule Compliance

50) Well Pumping Record

32) Instrument Calibration

51) Lead and Copper Evaluation

33) Log Pump Time

52) Cross Contamination Control

34) Proper Meter Reading

53) Alternate Source Evaluation

35) Sampling Techniques

54) Compliance Violations (Address & Prevent)

36) Survey Deficiency Program

55) Drought Assistance

37) Tank Maintenance Program

56) MCL Violations (Address & Prevent)

38) Taste and Odor

57) Preventive Maintenance Program

39) Well Head Protection

58) Water Treatment Optimization

40) Security Checklist

59) Wastewater Treatment Optimization

41) Analytical Techniques

60) Water Audit

42) Asbestos

61) Water Loss Tracking

43) Corrosion Control Verification

62) Source Water Assessment

44) Disinfection

63) Needs Survey

45) Easement Compliance

64) Operation and Maintenance Manual

46) Interconnection Evaluation

65) Monitoring Plan


As part of the contract, TRWA also offers site specific training called Directed Assistance Modules or DAMs.  The available onsite trainings are:

DAM 1: Performance Goals and a Monitoring Strategy at a Surface Water Treatment Plant
DAM 2:
A) Establishing Appropriate Chemical Feed Rates at a SWTP
B) Jar Testing for a SWTP
A) Completing the Surface Water Monthly Operational Report (SWMOR) For a Conventional SWTP  
B) Completing the SWMOR-Alt for SWTPs with Alternative Treatment
DAM 4: Disinfection Byproduct (DBP) Control for SWTPs
DAM 5: Process Control for PWSs Using Chloramines
DAM 6: Filter Assessment for a Conventional SWTP
DAM  7: Method 334—Approval of Non-DPD Online Chlorine Analyzers for Regulatory Use
DAM 8: Nitrification Action Plan for PWSs using Chloramines
DAM 9: Special Studies in the Water Treatment Plant
DAM 10: Filter Data Integrity for a SWTP
DAM 11: Level 1 Assessments under the Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) 
DAM 12: How to Develop and Manage an Effective Cross-Connection Control Program


If you would like more information on this FMT assistance, see the FMT brochure or visit the Free Financial, Managerial, and Technical Assistance for Public Water and Wastewater Systems site for more information.  To request assistance under this contract, please complete the form below or call (512) 239-4691.




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