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Board Track Speakers (Sorted Alphabetically by Topic)


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Virtual Board Conference 

$125 Per Attendee
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Available as an add-on to your Tech Conference registration or as a stand-alone event, this conference features six sessions designed and delivered by experts that can be taken anywhere, any time for a full month! These sessions were originally developed as the Board Conference at our Annual Convention, and we are excited to finally be able to offer this educational program for Board Members!

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Board 

Cathi Hight

Do all board members live up to your expectations?  How do you measure board effectiveness?  What do the best performing boards have in common?  Each member of your board of directors plays an important role in the success of the organization for governance and support. Ideally, all directors would be highly engaged and understand their roles & responsibilities. There are no perfect boards, but ones that regularly assess their performance perform better on their core responsibilities. Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your board and catalyze positive change that leads to greater organizational impact.

How to Effectively Utilize Committees to Support Governance

Kristen Fancher

With so many oversight responsibilities, boards can quickly become overwhelmed when it comes to researching the best course of action for their water systems.  Focused committees can alleviate some of that pressure by doing much of the legwork and making informed recommendations for the full board’s consideration.  Committees can narrow the applicant pool for a new general manager, evaluate vendors for major expenses and projects, and research the system’s options in a variety of other contexts.  This session will explore when committees can and should be used and inform board members on possible misuses of the committee model in light of the Texas Open Meetings Act and other board governance responsibilities.  

Onboarding New Board Members

Cathi Hight


Do new board members know what is expected of them?  How do you help new board members get engaged? What should be included in your board orientation?  Board members that understand their roles and responsibilities and expectations for serving are more likely to be effective and have a satisfying experience.  Successful onboarding helps new board members become engaged quickly and to serve as an advocate for your mission. Get the relationship off to a good start by using an effective onboarding process.

Prevention of Ransomware

Patrick Shinkle


Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important topic for water and wastewater systems nationwide.  In this session, attendees will learn how to secure their systems from ransomware attacks on three fronts: management best practices, end-user training on how to identify and thwart infiltration attempts, and proper utilization of computer technical staff.  

Structuring Rates to Ensure Success in the Future

Herb Williams, Williams Water Works Consulting

Is your utility’s rate structure supporting both long and short term sustainability? This session will discuss the importance of setting rates that can withstand everchanging regulations and new technologies as well as the impacts that affect these rates.

Sustainability (Why Should I Care?)

Phillip Givens

While the board is not involved in the day-to-day management or operation of the system, they due influence the safety culture of the organization. This session will discuss board members’ understanding the safety governance relationship between board members and general manager in the safety leadership of the organization and providing the structure through which the vision and the commitment to safety is set, and the means of attaining agreed safety objectives.

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