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Rural Water PAC
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Decisions made in Austin and Washington have a dramatic impact on how we do business in the water and wastewater industry. Each year, the Texas Legislature and U.S. Congress vote on legislation affecting regulatory issues, funding for rural water programs and other environmental initiatives. Because of the importance of the political system to our operations, it is crucial that all of us at TRWA have a voice in the decision-making process.


One way that you can become more involved in the political process is by contributing to the Texas Rural Water Political Action Committee. The Texas Rural Water PAC is composed of hundreds of individuals interested in making a difference for rural water systems in Texas. These members give to a fund that makes campaign contributions to state and federal candidates in Texas – men and women who understand the issues affecting rural water and wastewater systems in Texas.

PACs are an established factor in American politics. Other businesses, associations and organizations maintain PACs to support candidates for public office they favor. To be competitive, we must also have a PAC with funds available to support candidates who understand our issues and are willing to take a pro-active stance on our behalf. 

Help us reach our goal to raise $50,000 for our PAC in 2019!

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What is the Texas Rural Water PAC?

  • An individual-supported Political Action Committee that makes campaign contributions to candidates for the Texas Legislature and United States Congress.
  • Funded by the financial commitment of hundreds of concerned individuals interested in the issues facing the rural water and wastewater industry in Texas.

Who does the PAC support?

  • Men and women running for the Texas Legislature and U.S. Congress who take stands on issues that matter to Rural Water in Texas – like increased funding for water and wastewater infrastructure needs, small systems technical assistance programs, reasonable regulatory reform and a common-sense application of environmental regulations.
  • People who support rural issues
  • Members of the Texas Legislature and Congress with leadership positions or important committee assignments
  • Republicans and Democrats

Who decides and how?

  • The Texas Rural Water PAC Board – made up of representatives from rural water and wastewater utilities throughout Texas.
  • The PAC Board reviews candidates’ views and voting records and decides which ones to support.
  • Other factors include the candidate’s leadership position on key legislative committees in the U.S. Congress or Texas Legislature.

Why should I contribute?

  • To help elect people who will work to support rural water interests.
  • To have an impact on state and federal elections.
  • To become more politically active.

How much should I contribute?

  • Any financial contribution you choose to make is welcome. The suggested annual contribution is $100 per person.
  • You may legally contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year.
  • Your decision to participate in the PAC is completely voluntary.

How do I contribute to the Texas Rural Water PAC?

  • To contribute – or increase your level of support if you are already on the team – please download, fill out and return the PAC remittance form.
  • Contribute either by personal check, cash or money order. Corporate contributions are prohibited.
  • Your comments on candidates and issues are welcome.

Join the PAC team today! 
Click here to view a printable Texas Rural Water PAC Remittance Form.

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